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Polityka prywatności

General terms

  1. These regulations state rules and conditions of Customers' personal data processing and protection at Volta sp. z o.o. company and Customers of Online Shop at www.ivolta.pl.
  2. The terms used in this Privacy Policy are defined in iVolta Online Shop's Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Customers' personal data administrator in view of the Personal Data Protection Act (consolidated text Journal of Laws from 2002 No. 101, item. 926 as amended) is Service Provider / Seller i.e. Volta Limited Liability Company based in Warsaw (02-230), 94 Jutrzenki Street, entered into the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13 Commercial Division under KRS number 0000023698, NIP: 521-13-67-444, Regon: 010829096.
  4. Service Provider / Seller follows Customers' privacy protection rules according to personal data protection laws and regulations

Scope and aims of data collection

  1. Privacy Policy applies to Customers' personal data gathered for purposes of:
    1. order processing submitted via or without mediation of Online Shop,
    2. shop operation, including data gathered automatically in ordering process and while browsing the Shop;
    3. Customer's Shop Account handling;
  2. For the purpose of Order processing the Service Provider/Seller gathers following Customer's data: country, first name, surname, postal code, location, street address, suite, e-mail address, telephone number and additionally in case of institution or B2B Partner: company name, company address (street address, postal code, location, NIP - Tax Identification Number).
  3. In purpose of Customer's Account Registration the following Customer's data are gathered: first name, surname, e-mail address and additionally in case of B2B Partner: country, company name, company telephone number, company fax, NIP - Tax Identification Number, company e-mail address, company address (street address, suite, postal code, location) and contact person's data (first name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number).
  4. Service Provider/Seller states, that providing data mentioned in p. 6 and 7 above, marked on Shop's site as mandatory is in fact voluntary, but necessary for Order processing or Customer's Account registration.
  5. Customers' personal data gathered in purpose of Order Processing submitted via or without Online Shop mediation, Shop operation and Customer's Account handling are processed by Service Provider/Seller in purpose of:
    1. selling Products and providing services to Customers.
    2. registration and signing in to Customer's Account process handling at Online Shop
    3. possible claims pursuing
    4. circumstances of forbidden use of electronically provided services clarification
    5. creating reports and analysis for Service Provider's purposes regarding Shop operation, including Shop's website's subpage views statistics,
    6. Shop's adaptation for Customers' needs
  6. Regardless of above statements, in case of separate Customer's agreement, Customer's personal data are processed by the Service Provider for:
    1. marketing purposes of Service Provider and its partners, specifically for purposes of sales and contests arrangement and implementation of other marketing tools,
    2. purposes of sending commercial information, specifically of sending ordered electronic newsletter to e-mail address provided by the Customer.
  7. Service Provider informs that while using the Shop Customer's data are also collected automatically. These data can be collected in Shop's system logs, in HTTP Cookies or by Web Beacon system.
  8. Service Provider informs that the moment the Customer connects to the Shop, an information about Customer's terminal's identifiers (including IP address) and its type is collected in Shop's system logs. Service Provider informs that it also lawfully processes information about Customer's terminal's identifiers (including IP address) and its type, about connection time and other data regarding Customer's activity in the Shop. Data as described above are processed for technical purposes and for the purpose of gathering general operating statistics of the Shop.
  9. Service Provider uses HTTP Cookies in order to gather information about Customer's activities in the Shop.

    HTTP Cookies are technical data, specifically small text files, written and stored on devices used by Customer to access Shop's website. HTTP Cookies allow:
    1. maintaining Customer's session after successful login, which makes it unnecessary to enter Customer's login and password on every subpage of Shop's website,
    2. adjusting and optimisation of Shop's website to Customers' and other Shop users' needs,
    3. creating views statistics for the Shop's subpages,
    4. personalisation of marketing messages,
    5. ensuring security and reliability of the Shop.
    Shop's website uses session Cookies, which are deleted after user closes the browser, as well as persistent Cookies, which are stored for a specific period on Customer's devices used to access the Shop.

    Customer can at any moment change settings regarding Cookies, by determining their storing conditions and access privileges to Customer's device. These changes can be made in browser’s settings or service configuration. These settings can be changed to block automatic Cookies handling or to instruct browser to inform about use of Cookies each time such file is written on Customer's device. Detailed information about possible Cookies handling settings are available in Customer's software (browser) settings.

    Customer can erase Cookies at any time by using relevant browser functions. Constraining Cookies usage can influence some functions available on Shop website.

    Shop's website also uses Cookies provided by Service Provider's / Seller's partners allowing marketing activities personalisation and its effects appraisal. Privacy Policy doesn't regulate Cookies utilisation by third parties. More information on these Cookies can be found on each Service Provider's/Seller's partner's webpage.
  10. Some Shop's subpages and other means of communication with Customers can contain „web beacons” (i.e. electronic pictures, also known as empty gifs). Web Beacons allow to gather information such as IP (Internet Protocol) address of a computer, which loaded webpage with Web Beacon, URL of this page, page load time, browser type and Cookies contents in order to evaluate advertisements effectiveness.
  11. Service Provider's/Seller's rights and obligations

    1. Service Provider/Seller reserves the right to reveal some Customer's data to the relevant authorities or third parties which will demand such information based on relevant legal basis, according to law in force.
    2. Service Provider/Seller states that it entrusts the processing of Customer's personal data and other data mentioned in Privacy Policy on basis of contracts with partners providing Service Provider with Shop hosting, administration, maintenance and management services. These contracts were concluded according to article 31 of Personal Data Protection Act.
    3. Service Provider/Seller states that it entrusts the processing of Customer's personal data and other data mentioned in Privacy Policy to other than those mentioned in p. 16 above parties, which provide Service Provider or Customer directly with services necessary to process an Order, register and process a complaint or use financial services available on Shop's site. Contracts with these parties were concluded according to article 31 of Personal Data Protection Act. Customers' personal data can be passed in particular to couriers, insurers, credit/financial agents, moneylenders or financial institutions.
      Customer's rights and obligations
    4. Every Customer has the right to access contents of one's personal data, the right to their modification and complementation and the right to demand from Service Provider to cease one's data processing and to delete it. This can be achieved by sending an e-mail to kontakt@ivolta.pl or by telephone nr 22 295 06 06.
    5. In case Service Provider applies for agreement to receive commercial information electronically (i.e. by e-mail, SMS and other) the person agreeing has right to withdraw consent. This can be achieved by sending an e-mail to kontakt@ivolta.pl placing the word "resignation" in the subject, or by calling telephone nr 22 295 06 06 and informing about consent withdrawal, or by clicking on consent withdrawal link in commercial information contents, or by written withdrawal of consent sent to Service Provider's address.
    6. Customer is allowed to enter any personal data of other individuals (including their first name, surname, address, telephone number or e-mail address) to the Shop's website, only if no laws in force or these individuals' personal rights are violated
    7. Customer is entitled to use data and contents provided by other Shop's Customers only with regard to using the Shop, only with their approval and according to applicable law, unless the Customer obtains their consent to process their personal data aside from the Shop.

    Data security

    1. Service Provider / Seller states, that it will make efforts to ensure Customers high level security regarding using the Shop. Any events influencing communication security including suspicions of sharing files containing malware should be reported to the Service Provider to kontakt@ivolta.pl
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