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Skorzystaj z naszego konfiguratora i samodzielnie zbuduj własny system alarmowy lub zestaw telewizji dozorowej. Wystarczy, że wybierzesz rozwiązanie, którym jesteś zainteresowany i odpowiesz na kilka przygotowanych przez nas pytań. Na podstawie udzielonych przez Ciebie odpowiedzi, nasi doświadczeni pracownicy przygotują i przedstawią Ci unikalną ofertę, w pełni dostosowaną do Twoich preferencji.

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Please find below the procedure for submitting complaints at the website The procedure facilitates the process of complaint handling.

The procedure for submitting complaints at the website


  • There are several ways in which the Client can submit complaints regarding devices. By means of the RMA electronic notification module, email notifications sent to, by letter, fax or directly in the departments of VOLTA.
    By clicking
    [RMA form], where you can complete the form manually.
  • We recommend submitting complaints by means of the RMA Electronic Complaint Handling System, available at ( This is the most convenient form of submitting complaints, as it enables full management of the clients’ complaints (*).
  • We recommend enclosing the online order number, date of purchase of the device which is the subject of the complaint or receipt/purchase invoice number to the shipment with defective goods. It is also recommended to enclose a copy of the purchase document. This will ensure faster and more effective handling of your complaints by our Complaint Handling Department.

    If you decide to use the RMA module, we also recommend placing a notification number on the packaging, which you will receive after proper completion of the notification form.
  • The sent goods should be properly secured against damage during transport. We also recommend using the original packaging.
  • The complaint will be handled within 14 business days and we will notify you of its status. This information will be also visible in the ‘iVolta Panel’ section, after logging in (option available only in the case of complaints submitted by means of the RMA module).
  • Complaints under a warranty or guarantee will be handled in accordance with the Regulations of the online shop,, and the Conditions for Guarantee available at Complaint General Conditions.
  • Complaints submitted as subject to a charge or regarded as post-warranty complaints can be handled subject to a charge after the person submitting the given complaint approves the costs and scope of repairs. After repair, the device will be sent at the expense of the person submitting the given complaint.

Personal Data Protection – Service Procedures

  • Due to the procedures related to personal data protection implemented by Volta Sp. z o.o., in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, all devices submitted to our Service should not contain in their memory any personal data, among other things, visual and audio recordings, lists of users and buffers of events containing such personal data as first names and surnames, job positions, phone numbers, etc.
  • We recommend that you remove the above-mentioned data in a manner preventing their retrieval before sending any device to our Service. In the case of video and audio digital recorders, we recommend that you remove the hard disk and other data storage media before you send any devices to our Service.
  • If it is impossible to remove the above-mentioned data or if you decide to send us the above-mentioned data for service purposes, you should complete and enclose a signed Personal Data Processing Agreement to the sent device.
  • You can also provide us with a request, on the basis of which personal data in the sent device will be deleted by our Service before we begin a repair.
  • Any devices submitted to our Service in which personal data is discovered and to which no completed and signed Personal Data Processing Agreement is enclosed, and in relation to which no request for deletion of such data is submitted, will be sent back to the person submitting the given complaint.
  • The person submitting the given complaint is responsible for securing copies of data which are contained in devices, disks or other IT media submitted to the Service. Volta will not be liable for data lost in the course of repair and shipment of devices, disks or other IT media belonging to the client.


Delivery address:
Volta Sp. z o.o.
94 Jutrzenki Street
02-230 Warsaw
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(*) NOTE! The option of using the RMA module is available only for the Users who have registered at the iVolta website. If you have not registered, please do so in the ‘Registration’ section ( This will allow you to submit a complaint concerning a defective device by means of the RMA Electronic Complaint Handling System in the ‘Complaints’ section (

The procedure for submitting complaints at the website