General Warranty and Complaint Management

General Warranty and Complaint Management.


I. Warranty/guarantee and Complaint Management

  1. In case the Product is not consistent with the Sale Contract, the Consumer may lodge a complaint to the Seller's address.
  2. In order to lodge a complaint the Consumer completes the complaint form, available at: www.ivolta.pl. After obtaining the number of complaint application the Customer provides the Seller with the Product labelled with this number. Attaching the receipt to the complaint application will shorten the complaint management process.
  3. The Seller will process the complaint within 14 days from the date of its lodging. In case of resolving the matter to the Customer's benefit the Seller will either repair or replace the defected Product with a new and fully functional one, according to Seller's wish.
  4. If the Product is inconsistent with the Sale Contract, the Consumer may demand bringing the product into conformity with the Sale Contract by free repair or replacing the Product with a new one, unless the cost of repair or replacement is too high. While estimating the excessive cost, the worth of the Product consistent with the Sale Contract and the type and degree of inconsistency are taken into consideration. If the causes mentioned above prevent the Consumer from demanding the repair or replacement or if the Seller will not be able to satisfy the Consumer expectations in due time or the repair or replacement will expose the Customer to too much inconvenience, the Customer is entitled to demand adequate price discount or to withdraw from Sale Contract. It is not possible to withdraw from Sale Contract if the inconsistency is irrelevant.
  5. The Consumer loses the rights stated in the point 4 of this paragraph if he/she does not notify the Seller about inconsistency of the Product with the Sale Contract within 2-month period. To stay within the time-limit the Customer needs only to notify the Seller.
  6. In case of a Customer who is not a Consumer, the Seller excludes the warranty for the physical defects of the Products purchased in the Online Shop (Art. 558 § 1 of the Civil Code).
  7. The Products purchased in the Online Shop by Companies and B2B Partners may be covered by producer's, importer's or Seller's warranty valid on the Polish territory. The warranty period for each Product is shown in Product's description on the Online Shop Website. Most of the Products are covered by warranties honored directly by authorised producers' service centres. The exact addresses of service centres are available on the producers' websites. A company/B2B Partner may use the Seller's warranty procedure on account of Seller's warranty.

II. Additional conditions complaint processing

  1. The Warranty procedure covers only the product and cannot be applied to product's parts which usually have a limited performance period or to other additional accessories. In case the parts necessary for repair have to be imported from abroad, the repair may last longer. The customer will be informed about it each time the situation occurs.
  2. Damaged product should be delivered to Seller's service centre and the delivery cost should be covered by the Buyer. Returned product should be protected against damage during delivery. We recommend to use original packaging. Please attach an RMA complaint number or a completed complaint form, and a detailed description of the technical problem to the productThe delivered product should meet the basic hygienic conditions.
  3. In case the delivered product is fully functional the Seller may charge the Buyer with the cost of examination and testing.
  4. The product's defects revealed during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge within the period of 20 working days from the date of product's delivery to Volta Sp. z o.o. premises.
  5. The service centre may refuse to repair the product free of charge when the manufacturer's or service centre's seals were damaged, the details in the documents and on the product do not match, correction was made in a warranty card (if it was attached to the product) or the internal mechanisms have been tampered with by unauthorised personnel.
  6. Free of charge repair does not cover the operations described in user's guide which the user is obliged to perform independently.
  7. The free of charge repairs and the Sale Contract non-conformity procedure do not cover:
    1. damages to the product during the transport and shipment, faulty operation and damages caused by improper use or storage, user's negligence or using the product not according to User's guide or safety regulations.
    2. the defects of product resulting from: fire, flood, lightning stroke or other natural disasters, war or other civil commotions, unforeseen accidents, thermal, chemical, pollution, corrosion, abrasion damage.
    3. the defects of product resulting from: improper installation, the usage of improper exploitation materials (other than recommended by producer or Seller) or using them not in accordance with producer's or Seller's recommendations.
    4. the normal exploitation operations such as: maintenance, cleaning of scanners etc., product defects resulting from: improper power supply or improper signalling network,
    5. traces of normal use and exploitation such as: blown fuses accessible to the user, magnetisation of the kinescope or LCD/TFT panel resulting from specific exploitation, wearing out of infrared radiators and typical abrasion of moving parts e.g. cogged belts.
    6. defects caused by overvoltage resulting from atmospheric discharges and improper power installation.
    7. liability claims based on product parameters if they are consistent with the ones given by the producer;
  8. The Seller is not liable for:
    1. the quality and the loss of information recorded on data storage media;
    2. the quality of warranty service when the operation of service network is disturbed by unforeseen force majeure circumstances such as: civil commotions, road and border blocks, import restrictions, natural disasters, wars, etc.;

III. Additional warranty conditions for paid repairs by VOLTA Sp. z o.o.


Volta Sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw at 94 Jutrzenki Street issues a 6-month warranty for paid repairs of devices covered by the post-warranty repair service.

  1. Warranty covers only parts/components used for the service and operations connected with their replacement.
  2. Warranty does not cover the maintenance operations and tests and all defects described in Section II „Additional conditions of complaint processing” point 7
  3. We reserve the right to make a conditional repair negotiated with the Customer, with no warranties issued.
  4. In case the repair will be dropped, checking, examining and expertise will be charged for with a fee individually established for a given product.
  5. The paid repairs warranty is a document describing performed service.
  6. The cost of product delivery to and from the service centre is covered by the applicant.

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