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Kod Volta: VOHDX922, Indeks Volta: 29924

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Manufacturer: OPTIVA2B
Warranty: 24 months
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Product decription

Technical information




• Multi-HD camera: PAL (CVBS), HD-TVI, HD-CVI, A-HD

• New generation CMOS sensor• 1080p resolution

• up to 30fps for 1080p,• Variable 2.8-12mm

• Digital D-WDR function and DFOG function

• Built-in infrared heater (IR range up to 20m)

• 12V DC power supply


Multi-HD 4in1 camera: VOHDX922 is a dome model with an infrared IR heater dedicated to CCTV systems. The OPTIVA brand, known in Poland and abroad, presents a device allowing to build both small systems (kiosks, galleries, stores) as well as large systems (shopping centers, industrial facilities, etc.). Rich functionality guarantees quality according to global standards.   The video standard switching system between the 4 most popular on the market (PAL, HD-TVI, HD-CVI & A-HD), allows to adapt such a camera to almost every analog CCTV system, ensuring high image quality and functionality.


The presented model is equipped with CMOS image processing system with high resolution, which allows you to display HD-image with a maximum of 1080p with a flow rate of 25 frames per second. The video signal sent to the receiver is not compressed, which makes the image clearer and clearer while viewing in real time. Resolution 1080p is the resolution used in HD camcorders. The image obtained in this resolution has about 6 times more details than the image obtained in the highest resolution of analog SD cameras.



Diagram of the proportion and size of the image resolution used in analog and HD CCTV



A zoom lens.

The CCTV camera has a built-in adjustable lens with focal length 2.8-12 mm. This lens works well in professional CCTV systems. A feature of such a lens is focal length adjustment, where each user can individually adjust it.



Infrared light. The camera has a built-in infrared light. The effective range for plans with 90% reflectance is up to 20 meters. Thanks to the use of IR LEDs in the camera, it is possible to record the image in conditions of lack or poor lighting. When monitoring objects in such conditions, we get a monochrome image. The camera is equipped with a system that automatically switches on the radiator when the lighting level falls.   Dual mode - better picture in night conditions The camera operates in dual mode, ie day / night, which allows for correct color reproduction under good lighting conditions (day), as well as the maximum use of camera sensitivity in low light conditions (night). The used IR illuminator allows the infrared scene to be illuminated under night conditions. In case you do not want or can not use the infrared camera, it allows you to increase the gain or integration of frames (lengthening the time of exposure) also in night conditions.




D-WDR function - digital function of extended dynamics


The D-WDR function guarantees correct scene reproduction even in the case of large differences in the level of illumination of various parts of the scene. Typical applications are glazed passages, entrances to buildings, etc.




Noise reduction in the video image


Digital noise reduction in a 3D DNR image causes multidimensional filtering of the transmitter's pixels to eliminate effects related to noise and the correct color rendering of the camera. As a result, we get a picture much more beneficial to the human eye and better subject to compression.